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A website is the first step to take when you start promoting your business. If you are not an IT professional, setting up an online presence may seem intimidating. We take the time and listen to what you need, what your business is all about, and help you differentiate yourself from your competition. This leaves you worry free from technical issues, and with more time to spend on the business itself. We offer full range services: designing, hosting, registering your domain, and other related products.

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It's time to stop using IE6
Dozens of other large corporations that are cleaning up the mess from a wave of targeted attacks that allowed source code and confidential data to fall into the hands of well-organized intruders. The entry point? According to Microsoft, it’s IE6.
Source: ZdNet

YouTube Puts Another Nail in the IE6 Coffin
Google-owned YouTube will end support for Internet Explorer 6 on March 13, just two weeks after ending support on Google Docs.
Source: Read Write Web

What makes a good website and the common mistakes to avoid
"Unless, you’re a graphic designer, a special effects expert or an audio-visual nut, the best advice I can give you is forget the flashy graphics and focus on the beef – the content."
Source: Evan Carmichael