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A website is the first step to take when you start promoting your business. If you are not an IT professional, setting up an online presence may seem intimidating. We take the time and listen to what you need, what your business is all about, and help you differentiate yourself from your competition. This leaves you worry free from technical issues, and with more time to spend on the business itself. We offer full range services: designing, hosting, registering your domain, and other related products.

Claim a Tagged Website at 50%

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  Ready-to-Deploy Designs
  What's Special About these Designs?
  Managed Hosting, Who Is it Intended for?
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Ready-to-Deploy Designs

You want to start a new business and need a website?

Check out our portfolio. Claim any of the websites that were tagged in the live demo list. We'll host and implement it for you at 50% of the published cost.

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Note that registering domain names and SEO do not participate in this discount.

For you to qualify you must stick to the chosen tagged design without changing the layout. We can replace images and text, add the relevant number of pages, but the size and position of images, logos, menus, and other design elements must stay the same.

Three revisions are included in the cost: the draft, the final version, and one additional update. The amount of work after the draft was completed will not exceed 3 hours. This can only happen after a decision about the number of pages has been locked in.

If additional pages are to be added after the package was selected and work has already begun, from there on, each extra page is added at a flat cost of $90/page.

What's Special About these Designs?

These are unique designs that were manually coded. A design is removed from the sales pool the moment you purchase it so no one else can have it.

Managed Hosting, Who Is it Intended for?

We host your website via a third party provider. Websites are pooled as a group and therefore you will have no access to the control panel. The account is set up as an all access account for the entire group. This allows us to provide you with a better price. However, if you are an experienced web developer, this plan is probably not for you.

This type of hosting works best for business owners who want to focus on their clients. For those not wanting to employ a costly in-house IT department, or spend numerous hours to become proficient with web tools like cPanel or Plesk we provide an alternative.

A certain level of expertise is still required to interact with support for most hosting providers. This is an IT task that a busy business person can definitely delegate. Have our Fields of Code Web team act on your behalf instead. We are your local, friendly, on-demand web and IT concierge.

Calculating the Price

For example, let's say you are interested in purchasing the following website.

The base price depends on how many pages you wish the website to have. 

Let's say you decide you need 8 pages. The price listed for 8 pages is $750. Apply 50% and you pay $375.

If you wish to add hosting for one year: the hosting is listed at $115 a year. Apply 50% and you pay $57.50.

The total for hosting and designing this website is then discounted from $865 to $432.50.

If thereafter one extra unplanned page is added to the existing 8 after the work was already completed, the final cost then becomes $522.50 = 432.50 + 90.

You Want a New Design from Scratch?

Prices for brand new unique websites based on your specifications are also available at 50% off the cost of hourly rates published here: FFC Web Design Price Page.

The 50% discount on hosting applies as well.

Call us today and we'll talk it over with you over Zoom.