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A website is the first step to take when you start promoting your business. If you are not an IT professional, setting up an online presence may seem intimidating. We take the time and listen to what you need, what your business is all about, and help you differentiate yourself from your competition. This leaves you worry free from technical issues, and with more time to spend on the business itself. We offer full range services: designing, hosting, registering your domain, and other related products.

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promotional videos

You should include video marketing in your bag of tools to attract new clients for your business. This is not only keeping with the times but it scores high points with search engines such as Google.

Additionally, if your staff interacts directly with clients, for example if you provide tutoring, child care, music lessons, or similar face to face services, your clients will appreciate getting a preview of the persons that will deliver the service.

You can either record yourself and give us a digital copy of your recording, or you can send us a series of images, voice files, and merge them into a video for you. Our staff will edit the video and will create the relevant accounts for you on YouTube and other similar online public video forums.

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See a few examples of promotional and testimonial videos may look like:

Promotional Video for A Count On Ltd
Promotional Video for FFC Practice Management Systems
Video Tutorial for Dental Software
Client Testimonial Videos on Facebook
Author videos and page-throughs.
Rental Show Case: Typically, our clients record their videos (there can be several pieces) and our team edits various aspects as per requests.   
If you prefer our staff to do the recording for you, we can deploy one of our multimedia specialists or third party associates to your location.

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